Coaching Services

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You are a uniquely brilliant human being. What does your next level of greatness look like?


1:1 Coaching 

Are you a high-achiever who:

  • wants to be a better leader

  • aspires to greater contributions and fulfillment in your life and career

  • is unclear of your next step on your path to greatness

Are you committed to:

  • taking your contributions and performance to next-level

  • gaining clarity of purpose

  • fostering more meaningful and connected relationships

  • bringing more sustainable, consistent, and positive energy to each day

If any of the above has you saying, “That’s me!”, let’s connect for a conversation about your goals and next steps.

 Coaching Packages

  • SOAR HIGHER ($7,495)

    • 20 sessions (bi-weekly sessions)

    • 4 - A la carte services

  • GROW STRONGER ($3,995)

    • 10 sessions (bi-weekly sessions)

    • 2 - A la carte services

  • GAIN CLARITY ($795)

    • 2 sessions monthly (start and stop at your convenience)

A la carte services:

  • Strategic Planning

  • VIP Intensive Coaching Session

  • Focus Group

  • Onsite Shadow

  • 360 Assessment

  • People Acuity™ Assessment with Debrief

  • UnlockIt - The Power of Strengths Use Workshop

  • CliftonStrengths34 Assessment with Debrief

  • C-IQ Introduction/Leadership Dashboard (maybe a 2-hr workshop)

*Request a conversation to discuss your personal development needs.

What clients are saying…

Brian is committed to creating greater inclusion and diversity in the Executive ranks and I can now proudly count myself as one of his success stories.
— Linda, Executive at Investment Firm
It’s difficult to describe what it’s like to find my soul, to be a new person, practically reborn. I am more confident in who I really am and have a better understanding of what really matters to me. Work and school are no longer my highest priorities in life. I am not trying to achieve life, but live it. I believe, that alone is an amazing change.

I believe in myself again. Knowing my strengths, I believe in my contributions to others. I believe people can change. I feel lighter, people around me notice it too. I don’t feel like I’m fighting against life to get to where I want to go.
— Vikram Mittal, Senior Consultant turned Career Architect
Through our conversations, I realized that (1) I wanted to do something else, (2) wanted to move away from the East Coast, and (3) wanted financial freedom. So I started my own business about 6 months after we spoke. It is booming! And fun. And it will give me the freedom to live wherever, more or less.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk with to help you get over the hump. You definitely played a key role! THANK YOU.
— Kyle, Executive and Entrepreneur
While Brian compassionately honors where your starting point is, he encourages and cheers you on towards new levels of growth you never thought attainable. His questions are profoundly life changing. They create space for new patterns of thinking which creates new patterns of being in the world. This empowerment to let go of what no longer serves you and to embrace what does brings freedom, energy, and passion flooding back into your life.

I have accomplished more in 5 strengths sessions with Brian than in 3 years of counseling. It will change your life for the BEST.
— Jennifer, Health and Wellness Coach/Trainer