HumansFirst Experience   Washington, DC

HumansFirst Experience

Washington, DC


Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching works with inclusive business leaders and their teams to create better relationships, more human workplaces and better business results. We offer proven personal and team solutions for overcoming your most pressing people and business challenges.

For our coaching clients, typical goals include: career clarity, career transition, leadership development, personal development, developing diverse leaders and teams, greater work joy, higher performance and better relationships.

For our consulting clients, typical goals include: business growth, increasing team/organizational effectiveness, leadership pipeline development, organizational development and creating more human workplaces.

We work with clients to cultivate and embody Human Leadership™.  Human Leadership™:

  • is inclusive

  • operates from a mindset of abundance

  • accepts and celebrates our differences and our common humanity

  • values and cultivates each person's uniqueness

  • creates the space for and models interdependence

  • strives for excellence

  • is driven by a larger, shared purpose beyond profits