Interdependent Energy™: The Key to Shifting Up Your People Acuity and Results

With my People ACUITY colleagues at The first People ACUITY Certification and Conference (Jan 2018)

With my People ACUITY colleagues at The first People ACUITY Certification and Conference (Jan 2018)

Have you ever experienced being in flow? That place where you are in high performance and high energy and it seems effortless? Some of you may refer to this state as being "in the zone". We often hear these words from or about athletes, such as Michael Jordan, Serena Williams or Tom Brady when on an unstoppable run of success. Their extraordinary performance seems to come so easily that it appears magical. Everything slows down. You see with greater clarity and there is a freedom to just play, to just be who you are and bring what you have.

What if you could create and experience this flow with others? What would that be like? How would this impact your results and relationships?

Creating the Space for Flow

I was privileged to experience being in flow with a group of coaching colleagues and fellow learners from around the world at the first People Acuity™ Facilitator's Certification event earlier this month. It was different from any learning experience I had ever had, because I, and all my peers were co-facilitatorsWe were partners in the teaching and learning, bringing our puzzle pieces in service to the whole group. It was truly a space where we could see interdependence ("I serve us, so we can serve others") come alive, producing an incredible flow and shared learning experience.

The People Acuity™ Thought Leadership Team, DeAnna Murphy, Lisa Gregory and Steve Jeffs, modeled facilitation from interdependence for us as they taught us this new, powerful approach to facilitating connection and learning. I soon realized this was not the typical workshop facilitation from "expert mode". 

Rather than being a one-way, verbal vomit knowledge dump at the participants, our learning evolved from the collective wisdom, perspectives and confident vulnerability of us all as co-facilitators in the room. Each person's insights and brilliance was welcomed in service to the group. It was a very human approach to facilitating that ignited deeper connection and a higher level shared learning experience.

What was the dynamic at play here?

By creating agreements to ensure we operated in a no-judgment zone, were encouraged to bring our own puzzle piece, and emboldened to step into our confident vulnerability we created our shared purpose. We ignited curiosity rather than being ruled by the fear of not knowing or not being enough. We cultivated openness, trust and acceptance rather than judgment and skepticism. We nurtured inclusion and made everyone feel valued. This allowed us to let go of the need to know the outcome and let this special experience simply evolve.

The impact of this was you felt safe sharing your thoughts and motivated to bring your contributions. As each person grew in their confident vulnerability and courageously shared their voice, this encouraged others to do the same. This created a uniquely rich, co-creative, interdependent learning experience for us all. We witnessed people tapping into and growing their people acuity through the power of Interdependent Energy™.

Interdependent Energy™ is the human dynamic created when each person in an ecosystem demonstrates confident vulnerability and operates from interdependence, creating the space for better relationships and results.

The Interdependent Energy™was dynamic, purposeful and multi-directional. This whole-hearted, synergistic "we" energy created a flow that strengthened and expanded with each new insight and contribution, inviting more of the same. Each person operated without judgment of self or others, contributed their puzzle piece and showed up with greater confident vulnerability because the trust had been created in the space through agreements and the workshop leaders modeling this way of being

What changed was our way of being. We let go individually and collectively of what I call "me" energy and evolved our experience through this special form of "we" energy, which I call Interdependent Energy™. You did not feel like you had to know it all or be it all, which invited greater connection with and appreciation for one another. What emerged were unimaginably creative solutions born from the collective brilliance, perspectives and possibilities-thinking of this amazing group of people from Singapore, the Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, France, and the United States among other countries across the world. 

Bringing It Home

Seeing how Interdependent Energy™ became the fuel for revolutionizing our learning, relationships and results was incredibly powerful! We went from being curious on day 1 to being inspired on day 2 to, as our certification and conference event concluded, being ignited by this experience to serve teams and individuals looking to revolutionize their people acuity to create better relationships and results.

Looking to improve your people and business results? Let's explore how to make this happen for you and your team!

Contact me to learn how we can help you and your team create and tap into yourInterdependent Energy™ and shift up your people acuity to improve your human and business results.

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Shift UP book Signing with friends and Co-Authors, DeANNA Murphy, LIsa Gregory and Steve Jeffs.

Shift UP book Signing with friends and Co-Authors, DeANNA Murphy, LIsa Gregory and Steve Jeffs.

Get your copy of Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living from my friends and the People Acuity™Leadership Team: DeAnna Murphy, Lisa Gregory and Steve Jeffs!

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