Strategic Interdependence: The Enduring Model for Education and Business Partnership

(This is the second in a series on this subject of creating sustainable diversity in senior organizational leadership. #HumanLeadership

I am posing this as a challenge to business, community, education leadership. We have a need for not only more leaders, but more effective leaders at a time when women and minorities remain under-represented in senior organizational leadership.  How do we find a sustainable solution to this problem?  

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What does this sustainable framework for developing a pipeline of diverse leaders look like?  Beginning with the end in mind, let's explore needs and then the model to help us serve them.  What does the business community need?  What does higher education need to most effectively serve its role?  How about elementary and secondary school stakeholders?  What do teachers, parents, and education administrators need to most effectively serve the ecosystem in fostering learning and growth for students?  

How do we serve and nurture the entire education, business community, and family unit ecosystem to achieve sustainability? What do we need?  We need:

  • our education system to cultivate and reward innovation, creativity, and uniqueness
  • solutions that understand and integrate the needs of the key stakeholders in the ecosystem
  • to foster the conditions for excellence while remaining adaptive to the unique talents and needs of the individual student
  • a systems thinking approach on how to best prepare students with the skills to meet the needs of the business community and the demands of adult life
  • everyone in the larger education-business ecosystem to bring their unique talents (and values those of others) to create an interdependent team that delivers meaningful, sustainable change
  • to enable greater parent engagement and partnership to create a high functioning ecosystem where students thrive, and we all benefit
  • leadership on how to practically fund the investment required to move education forward in service to the needs of all stakeholders

I am reminded of two statements I believe reflect reality.  First, we get what we tolerate. Second, we get what we encourage and incent.  Let's encourage critical thinking, effective communication, relationship-building, and leadership skills. Let's create a system that builds these skills, develops leaders, and equips students to contribute through their unique strengths, preparing them for adult life and the jobs that best use their talents to serve humanity through interdependence.

How do we do this?

Partnership and strategic interdependence (I serve us, so we can serve others) need to be our state of being. The Strategic Interdependence Model™, developed by Strengths Strategy®, provides an excellent framework for this purpose.  

As DeAnna Murphy, President and CEO of Strengths Strategy, Inc shared in her blog post Moving to Interdependence - Through Strengths, "Everyone wants to live at Interdependence, where the message is I serve us, so we can serve others. The focus here is on contributing together to make a difference somehow in the world. Here, we find individuals elevating others, both sharing strengths and drawing out contributions of others, recognizing needs, and being patient with the differences that emerge. There is a place for everyone at Interdependence, where all strengths are seen and valued, differences are respected, and there is curiosity about other perspectives."

Let's get curious about and embrace the Strategic Interdependence Model™, the proven model Strengths Strategy® uses to unlock the strengths of the world. This model provides the framework with flexibility to build an enduring, collaborative partnership between education and business that benefits us all.  One where we can bring our puzzle piece as others bring theirs to interdependently create positive change in education, business, and our communities.  

Let's tap into our innate interconnectedness to create strategic interdependence among all stakeholders in the education-business partnership for the benefit of us all. Let's unite with an abundance mindset that cultivates joy in learning, innovation in approaches, and creative collaboration so we can build a sustainable pipeline for creating diverse leaders that serves us, so that we may serve others.

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