Role Fit: The "IT" Factor to Thriving Through Your Strengths

Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?  This is such a wonderful question, especially when considering that the latest research from Gallup shows 87% of the global workforce is disengaged.  Given the persistent challenge employee engagement remains in the workplace, what can you do to improve your level of engagement and fulfillment? 

What if you spent 90% of your time doing work where you were both highly energized and high performing?  How would that impact your engagement? How would you show up differently?  

The key determinant to engagement, high-energy, and high-performance is role-fit.  How well suited the work you do is to your knowledge, skills, talents, and passions and the contributions your strengths want to bring.  Many of us have chosen roles where we can perform at high-level, but are energy drains on us.  The work is not challenging, and does not activate or use the strengths that make you uniquely you.  DeAnna Murphy, President of Strengths Strategy Inc., calls this the Depletion Zone.  In this place, we feel uninspired, go through the motions, and contribute the bare minimum to do what needs to be done.  Creativity and innovation are dormant, discretionary effort is nonexistent, you are not growing, and business results suffer.  

Our circumstances are a product of our choices.  Our choices are a product of our thinking and the possibilities we are able to see.   When we see the world as a prism of possibilities, we invite ourselves to explore how we might best contribute through our strengths for our own fulfillment, and in service to others.  Our lens is hopeful, pragmatic, and energizing and we let go of self-limiting beliefs, self-judgment, or restrictions of any kind.  Bringing forth our best ideas, effort, and commitment to excellence becomes our way of being and creates a state for high-performance, high-energy, and greater results.  What if there was a way for you to grow your strengths intelligence so you could clearly see the best role fit for you?

There IS and I have found it!  

I expect many of you have faced or are living this similar situation.  Have you ever felt like the job you were in did not make best use of your talents, energy, and passions?   I sure have.  I was able to play many different roles, whether in a company, volunteer organization, or on a ball field.  It was not until my mentor, and now good friend, shined a light on my strengths that I connected with coaching and people development as the role that fit me best.  Thank you, Brian Guttman!

What about people development through coaching made it the best fit for me?  It allowed me to play in my high energy/high performance zone,  tapping into my top strengths that made me uniquely me.  My Top 5 Strengths, based on the Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment, are Futuristic, Maximizer, Arranger, Individualization, and Relator.  My Futuristic sees possibilities in each situation and for each person.  My Maximizer sees how to make a situation or person even better.  My Arranger is able to synthesize how to configure all the data presented to me into meaningful ways to move forward in service to my clients.  My Individualization values each person's uniqueness, and is able to combine with my other strengths to ask powerful questions in service to my clients.   My Relator brings authenticity and loyalty to creating a safe, trusting space for my coaching relationships to thrive.  These strengths combined with others, like Learner, with its curiosity about other people and their uniqueness, Positivity and its contagious energy and enthusiasm, Developer's commitment to human growth, and Strategic's creative anticipation, imagination, and persistence to make professional coaching the best role fit for me.   

What was really eye-opening was seeing how these strengths showed up in my fulfillments and frustrations in life and how my strengths combined in these situations to at times make things better, and at others to make things worse.  While my path to coaching included many people and experiences that led to new awareness and insights, it has been through deepening my strengths intelligence and how to best apply this to improve my relationships and results that I saw the impact of clearly understanding the importance of role fit.  There was congruence between who I was, what I was doing, and how I was contributing to the world.  I had found that elusive "IT" factor that felt like home.  Discovering my why, doing my why, but more importantly being my why, made me want to connect others to their strengths, their voice, their "IT" factor, so they could find their best role fit and thrive.

What is the best role fit for you?  How are your Strengths showing up in your life?  What would be different for you if you had a deeper understanding of your strengths and how to better apply them to improve your relationships and results?  I invite you to take the Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment and to contact me to explore the answers to these questions for you.

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