Investing in You So You Can Shift Up Your Results and Relationships

“As he listens to me, Brian hears the music in my head. I see a (musical) note. Brian sees the entire composition.

Brian has this unique ability to see what can be, and skillfully help you connect with the wisdom inside you to reveal meaningful ways to achieve your goals.”

About Us

Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching (BKLC) is a professional coaching and training services company.  We work with current and next generation Executives and business leaders, and their teams, to develop greater acceptance, confidence and vulnerability so they can optimize their and others' value, capabilities and untapped potential to create better results and relationships. 

BKLC's credo is: Be Bold. Be You. Breakthrough.℠. We believe your greatness is revealed when you boldly choose to be yourself and bring your best contribution to your relationships and your purpose.  This all starts when, from a place of confident vulnerability, you can truthfully say, "I know who I am. I know who I am not. I am okay with both." 

We help you see differently, so you can be differently and get different (better) results for you and others.  As you become more present, self-aware and aligned with who you are, you become better able to create your conditions for optimal performance and relationships.

We work with you and your team to cultivate and embody Human Leadership™.  Human Leadership™:

  • is inclusive
  • is strengths-focused 
  • creates the space for belonging and models interdependence
  • is driven by a larger, shared purpose beyond profits
  • accepts and celebrates our differences and our common humanity
  • values and cultivates each person's uniqueness
  • strives for excellence


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 PC: Will Leitzinger

PC: Will Leitzinger

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