About Us

Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching (BKLC) is a coaching and people development services company. BKLC helps human beings and teams see self and others with greater acuity so they may effectively optimize their results and relationships.  

We work with clients to cultivate and embody in Human Leadership™.  Human Leadership™:

  • is inclusive
  • operates from a mindset of abundance
  • accepts and celebrates our differences and our common humanity
  • values and cultivates each person's uniqueness
  • creates the space for and models interdependence
  • strives for excellence
  • is driven by a larger, shared purpose beyond profits

Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching operates by the credo, Be Bold. Be You. Breakthrough.℠. We believe your greatness is revealed when you boldly choose to be yourself and bring your best contribution to your relationships and your purpose.  This all starts when, from a place of confident vulnerability, you can truthfully say, "I know who I am. I know who I am not. I am okay with both." 

My Story...Our Shared Purpose

My journey to coaching and people development came through business management, IT project management, and HR program management. I graduated from college not knowing what career I wanted to pursue. While I had some understanding of my talents, and was able to effectively serve many roles in business in my early and mid-career, I was disconnected from myself and what truly mattered to me. It was not until I joined a newly established volunteer, employee-led leadership development organization, Rising Leaders, at my employer, that this began to change.  

I had found my passion. What I did best was cultivating each person’s unique talents into strengths he or she could effectively use to grow their skills, improve their performance and energy, and gain clarity of purpose. Rising Leaders provided the platform for me to discover and use my strengths to contribute to others in a way that energized me.

While in a leadership role with Rising Leaders, I led the creation of our Mentoring Program.  In this program, I met my mentor and now good friend, Brian Guttman, who encouraged me to pursue a coaching certification at Georgetown. Brian, who led the internal coaching practice at my employer, had been through the program and saw something in me that I did not. I followed his advice, and was accepted to Georgetown's Leadership Coaching Certification Program. Brian gave me a preview of what to expect during the program. What I did not expect was to experience a life-defining moment.

As we neared the end of the program, I was conflicted between how I was showing up as a coach and how I needed to show up as a coach. The heart of the issue was how I viewed vulnerability. I carried the belief that vulnerability was weakness. Consequently, I showed up in life as cautious, living in this unhealthy self-protective mode rather than with the boldness required to be myself and thrive.

How was I going to be authentic and effectively connect with and coach leaders and their teams with an unhealthy relationship with vulnerability? I knew I could not. After weeks of struggling with this, I applied what I had been learning in my coaching training and reframed my view of vulnerability to vulnerability is our common humanity. It is how we connect with other people. It also happens to be what many leaders need to become more effective leaders.

This changed everything for me. I accepted who I was and let go of my old story. I felt liberated, free to be me.

A few weeks later as I returned to our final series of classes, I received, though I am not sure I needed, external validation of my transformation. On my way to class, as I exited the elevator on the second floor and walked toward the classroom, two classmates stopped me separately and said the exact same thing to me: "You look lighter." They were not referring to my weight. Rather, they were referring to the weight of the world that no longer resided on my shoulders. 

I had changed my relationship with myself. I began to accept and embrace who I was. I began to show up more boldly in my coaching and in my life. Be Bold. Be You. Breakthrough.℠ became my expectation for myself, personally and as a coach, and for my clients. My story of transformation became the shared purpose from which I would serve others and Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching was born.   

When you are in this place of flow where there is congruence between who you are and how you contribute, you play more often in your high-energy, high-performance zone which I call the optimal zone..

What does your optimal zone look like? Let's explore this so you can spend more of your day here and take your career and life to the next level!  

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